I blend design-type thinking with more action-orientated, iterative and participatory research methods to inform my consultancy practicethought leadership and the content of the education and training I provide:


The focus of my research has evolved over the years through my 20+ experience at the coal-face, changing nature of the industry and media landscape, and as a result of the facilitating a number of knowledge exchanges between 100s of academics and industry experts (see more below).

I’m currently exploring how brands can connect to their customers in more interesting and ethical ways through a spectrum of Empathic Utility (EU) at different access points across their uourneys:


In addition, I’m also looking at setting up the world’s 1st academic diploma in ‘Strategic Content thinking’ with an open-minded academic institution, institute or a professional organisation.



Co-wrote The Definitive Guide to Strategic Content Marketing book with Xoogler turned academic Lazar Dzamic commissioned by Kogan Page – soliciting input from around 60 thought leaders from academia and industry, as part of seeking different perspectives on related issues, challenges and solutions.


Helped set-up the ‘ Journal of Branded Content Marketing‘ (JOBCM) collaboration that grow-out of the Best of Branded Content Marketing (BOBCM) series – facilitating knowledge exchange between 40+ academics and industry experts. The collaboration was the catalyst for the introduction to The Definitive Guide to Strategic Content Marketing that looks at how the Content space might be mapped.


Conceived, curated and co-produced the BOBCM series of events,  publications and related research supported by key industry bodies with input from 100s of leading experts from around the globe.


Undertook one-year human-centred design focused MSc, exploring the application of design thinking, lean and UX methodologies for more iterative content-based customer engagement strategies that linked to a consultancy project.



Pitched and won funding from NESTA for research into collaborative research conducted with Dr. Alan Samson (LSE) into co-creation, open innovation and other participatory approaches, as part of developing the Yooster customer engagement model and platform.


Co-wrote a series of papers for WARC‘s thought leaders magazine Admap with Dr. Samson on advocacy, influence and customer disloyalty – based on a series of expert interviews, literature review and analysis of data from programmes I had been the running as part of the Yooster customer engagement panel.


Produced and hosted series of podcast interviews about the key themes that emerged from the Connected Marketing book with contributors and other academic and industry experts.


Co-edited the Connected Marketing book with Dr. Paul Marsen (LSE) published by Butterworth-Heinemann in 2005 – having identified and recruited the 17 expert contributors working at the cutting edge of viral, buzz and word-of-mouth marketing


Established the international Viral and Buzz Marketing Association (VBMA) and facilitated the first code of best practice, knowledge exchange between academia and industry and a series of collaborations including the Connected Marketing book.


Set-up an online discussion forum and recruited a global group of academics and practitioners to discuss ‘non-traditional/alternative marketing’ approaches as a precursor to the  VBMA.

If you would like to hear more about my research or the academic diploma in ‘strategic Content thinking’ I’m looking to set-up, please get in contact.