I set-up (Digital Media Communications) DMC in 1994, when the Internet was just emerging into the mainstream. Since then I’ve conceived and executed over 2,000 projects from mentoring start-ups to delivering 7 figure digital transformation programmes and providing board-level consultancy for international brands around the globe.

The focus of my consultancy continues to evolve based on the ongoing research I conduct and can range from providing feedback on brand briefs and agency pitch proposals to longer capability-building and transformation programmes lasting several years (see more here). I also provide more education and training-orientated sessions for brands, agencies and non-profit organisations.

I am now increasingly helping companies that want to move to the next level of strategic content thinking as part of their digital transformation: joining the dots between brand and internal culture, customer and employee experience, purpose and business strategy:

Content Purpose Jigsaw: the ‘Why’ of Content
Content Purpose Jigsaw: the ‘Why’ of Content. Source: Dzamic, L and Kirby, J (2018) The Definitive Guide to Strategic Content Marketing: Perspectives, Issues, Challenges and Solutions. Kogan Page: London.

If you would like input on your digital or content strategies, or any other help, then please get in contact.