AM Digital Dealer Conference report

AM Digital Dealer Conference report

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Back in September Justin went to speak to the AM Digital Dealer conference at Silverstone, and you can read his write up of his presentation as part of the Best of Branded Content Marketing (BOBC) series we produce. The AM Digital team also recently published a report of the experts insights from the event including the the key theme’s from Justin’s presentation that we’ve included below:

Creating content to meet business objectives

Kirby urged dealers to forget about formats and focus on creating a customer engagement strategy based on content, rather than worrying about a specific social media strategy.

If you’re thinking about content in specific formats, you’ve already failed.

Don’t get hung up on whether you’re using YouTube or Facebook, the format is irrelevant. You can use social media as a tool to deliver the content you’re intending, but it’s secondary to figuring out what sort of content you want to produce.

Kirby said implementing a social media strategy was also a bad path to follow:

What is really needed first is a customer engagement strategy based on content.

Defining that content can be a bit like “nailing jelly to a table”, but Kirby urged retailers to go beyond the desk and reporting dashboards and really think about authentic, relevant and personal customer experiences.

There do need to be some universal strategic considerations. Who is this content for?

Kirby offered some tips for delegates. The first was to create little “hacks” that have a big impact on customer experience. He gave one example of a restaurant chain in the UK that would ask what a booking was for when people would ring or book a table online. Customised menus were then printed with special headings for the occasion, for example “Justin’s birthday”. A second was to look at ways the dealership could create content that might make a customer’s life easier. An example was US DIY company Lowes which introduced its Fix in Six video clips using Vine.

Kirby said:

Looking outside your industry is also essential. Your best experience is your best experience and it doesn’t matter whether that’s in travel or if it happened in a shop, or it happened on a website.

Continually scan the market for what good content looks like.”

Understanding content in the grown up digital era

Prior to the event Justin was also interviewed by the AM Digital team who explained how content permeates each level of every business, and we’ve included some of his quotes below:

Understanding some of the complications surrounding content in general are crucial, but the problem is; content is all-encompassing, it exists in every nook and cranny of your business so it can be overwhelming. In addition, every other business is using the same platforms and format both in terms of the type of content they create and the way it is distributed.

Many businesses fail to join the dots and don’t take a close enough look at the competition. By competitors, it doesn’t necessarily mean traditional competition, but any business which is providing a better experience for the customer. Taking a look at hotel chains or DIY or white goods stores with an analytical eye can provide insight which can be applied to any retail business model.

Asking ‘what is the business problem we are trying to solve?’ provides a good starting point for developing a content strategy which is workable and achievable.  Too often content is created with the goal of sharing and with little thought to the required action which should follow. Should a business be engaging with customers for its own sake or should it be selling cars? Creating content should not be undertaken for the sake of it or because it is what everyone else is doing.  Understanding the customer decision-making journey and tailoring your content to help them make their decision has a clear objective and is much more likely to influence a sale or a service booking and that’s where dealers need to focus their attention.

You can check out the other events Justin has spoken at, chaired, help promote and even organised here. If you’d like Justin to speak at your event, chair or promote it, or get our help organising one for you then please get in touch.

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