Is branded content giving content marketing a bad name?

Is branded content giving content marketing a bad name?

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Joe Pulizzi of the Content Marketing Institute (CMI) doesn’t like the term ‘branded content’ because he thinks it is giving content marketing a bad name. Justin scratches the surface of Joe’s deliberate provocation in The Drum today, and points out that there’s actually a more serious point being made.

In short, all marketing is increasingly becoming based around content, so why bother sticking the word ‘content’ in front of ‘marketing’ now, unless it explains how what you are doing is different from other brand-funded content forms?

He argues that there’s an increasing need for a new lexicon to describe the different areas of marketing, now that content is at the heart of them all. And how it’s likely to be new ways of measuring the value of these different approaches that prove their efficacy, rather than debates about what you call them, however provocative.

This follows on from Justin’s response to Joe on LinkedIn, and his Branded Content V. Content Brands debate on Blab with author and content marketing guru Andrew Davis.




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