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The fear and trepidation around brands creating their own branded content will fade as they realise they are, and always have been, story tellers. We will see campaigns fully embrace the multimodal nature of the social web using image, video, micro video and audio whilst also evolving dynamically thanks to the consumer shaping the story itself. Research, tech, creative and strategy teams will work closer than ever in finding the best way to create content that truly connects with the consumer. Celebrity talent will play a key role in branded content partnerships. Not only through the loyal and sizeable fan base they can mobilise for a brand, but also as dynamic content creators and media owners in their own right. The future is full of possibility, and in the new world of branded content, collaboration will be the name of the game in creating compelling stories that brings consumers and brands closer than ever before.

Jadis Tillery, Social Media Strategist, Advisor and Speaker

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